Violin Rental Agreement

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The agreed fee for renting this violin from the HSO Symphony School is $15, payable to HSO on the date of agreement.
Renter agrees to return this violin to the HSO Symphony School on or before the date of July 12, 2024.
Renter certifies that Renter has received this violin in good condition, has read and understood all Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, and does assume full responsibility for the care and safety of this violin until it is returned to the HSO Symphony School.
Repairs due to damage, whether damage is deliberate, negligent, or accidental, shall be the responsibility of Renter. If this violin is lost or destroyed, Renter agrees to reimburse the HSO Symphony School for the fair market value of the instrument (as assessed by the HSO Symphony School) within 30 days of the Date of Agreement, this reimbursement being exclusive of any and all rental charges pursuant to this Agreement. This violin should be kept in its case whenever it is not being played. It should not be left in any place in which it may be knocked over or may have something fall onto it. The top of the violin is especially vulnerable to damage, and the edges of the woodwork can chip easily. The violin and bow should be kept away from extreme heat, cold, and humidity; the violin and bow should not be left unattended in the cabin or trunk of a vehicle. Bow hair should not be touched directly, and should be loosened when the bow in is not in use. The sponge or shoulder rest of the violin should be removed and properly stored in the case when not in use.
Our goal is to ensure the proper care of this instrument so that it may be enjoyed in the future by as many students as possible. We hope you enjoy playing it!

  • This violin is a precision-crafted musical instrument, not a toy. Each violin outfit, including case, bow, and other accessories, is valued at approximately $300.
  • Please respect and care for this rental violin as if it were your own; repairs or replacements due to loss or to deliberate, negligent, or accidental damage will be charged to the Renter. Rental violins must be returned to the HSO Symphony School in the same condition in which they were received by the Renter. Otherwise, repair or replacement charges may be incurred by the Renter.
  • Always handle the violin with care, as it is a delicate piece of equipment. The top of the violin is especially vulnerable to damage, and the woodwork can be easily chipped.
  • Wash your hands before handling the violin. Use a soft cloth to gently but thoroughly wipe dust, oils, and excess rosin off the instrument after you are done playing.
  • Always store the violin in its case when it is not in use, and take care that the case is closed securely before picking it up to transport it.
  • When the violin is stored in the case, the case should be oriented so that the bridge of the violin inside of it is facing up, not down. There is a green dot on the exterior of the case; if it is facing up, the case is oriented properly.
  • Always remove the sponge or shoulder rest from the violin and loosen the bow hair before storing the violin and bow in the case. Avoid touching the bow hair directly.
  • Do not leave the instrument in direct sunlight, in very hot or cold areas, in wet or especially humid conditions, or in the cabin or trunk of a vehicle.
  • Do not attach tape or stickers to the violin or to the bow, and do not write on, mark on, scratch, or otherwise alter the appearance of the violin in any way whatsoever.
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