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Each season, the HSO seeks contributions from all segments of our community – individual, corporate, foundation and government sources. In order to keep ticket prices affordable and provide music education opportunities, approximately one-half of the operating budget of the HSO comes from the generosity of organizations and individuals in our community.

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hso guild and partnerships

Current Sponsors & Grants

The HSO Guild

Our special thanks to the HSO Guild for their annual contribution of $305,965 and the City of Huntsville and Madison County for their support of the Symphony’s educational and youth programs. The HSO’s activities are made possible in part by funding from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

$100,000 +

City of Huntsville, Tommy Battle, Mayor

$50,000 – $99,999

Alabama State Council on the Arts

$20,000 – $49,999

Claudia G. Conn
The Jane K. Lowe Charitable Foundation*
S3, Inc.

$10,000 – $19,999

Laurel and John Bailey
Kathy, Tony, and David Chan – The Pei-Ling Chan Charitable Trust
Drs. Alice Chenault and Milton Harris
Damson Automotive
First Horizon
The Jurenko Foundation –  Ruth Jurenko, Carole and Buddy Jones, and Janet and David Brown
The King Family Fund
Morgan Stanley – The Mantooth Pols Group
Painted Violin Society 2022
Physicians 100
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Allen and Tom Young

$5,000 – $9,999

@Homes Realty Group
Aero Thermo Technology
Bill Penney Toyota
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
Jane E. Hays
Howard and Troth Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Collier County, Florida
Lawyers’ Century Club
Shirley and George McCrary
Publix Super Markets Charities
Mr. and Mrs. A. Eugene Sapp, Jr.
Jodi Stephens

$2,500 – $4,999

Amanda Howard | Sotheby’s International Realty
Dentists 2022

$1,000 – $2,499

Alabama Colon and Gastro
Mrs. William Billingsley*
Five Stones Research Corporation
Investor’s Resource – Shari Burnum
Redstone Federal Credit Union

$500 – $999

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
The Bruckner Society of America
Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation

The Amadeus Society

The Amadeus Society was organized to recognize and honor those individuals and private foundations that have set a standard in generous annual and cumulative giving to the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra since the year 2000, including gifts to the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra Foundation since its inception. Their generosity has greatly enhanced and enriched life in our community.

Conductor’s Circle

$500,000 +

Outright or cumulative gifts – membership in perpetuity

Mrs. Dorothy Davidson *


$250,000 – $499,999

Outright or cumulative gifts – membership in perpetuity

Dr. and Mrs. Walter V. Bouldin
Kathy and C. H. “Tony” Chan, The Pei-Ling Chan Charitable Trust
Dr. Alice Chenault and Dr. Milton Harris
The Jurenko Foundation – Ruth Jurenko, Carole and Buddy Jones, and Janet and David Brown
The Olin B. King Foundation
Shirley and George McCrary
Mr. and Mrs. A. Eugene Sapp, Jr.
Jan Smith


$100,000 – $249,999

Outright or cumulative gifts – membership in perpetuity

The Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Lt Col Sylvia Ferry (USAF Ret.)
Ms. Dorcas Harris and Mr. Dick Reeves
Frances K. Huffman
Dr. and Mrs. Macon Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. James Richardson
Mr. Patrick Robbins and Mr. J. Chris Wesley
Loretta Spencer
Drs. Mary E. and Martin C. Weisskopf


$75,000 – $99,999

Outright or cumulative gifts over 25 years

The Estate of Nola B. Eiser
Mrs. Hoyt Q. Farquhar
Clare and Michael Grisham
Howard and Troth Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Collier County, Florida
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Johnson, Jr.
Maggie and Buddy Little
The Estate of Mabry Miller
The Estate of Joye Parker
Mrs. Lee Rhoads
Col Robert S. Troth (USA Ret.)
Allen and Tom Young


$50,000 – $74,999

Outright or cumulative gifts over 20 years

Claudia G. Conn
Mrs. Betty Grisham *
Mrs. Barbara Lapidus
LTG (Ret.) and Mrs. James Link
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Lowry
Mr. and Mrs. Foster McDonald
Mr. Frank J. Nola Jr.
Dorrie and Jerry Nutt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Propst III
Mr. and Mrs. Remigius Shatas
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Shergy
Ms. Jodi Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. George Thacker
Ms. Wendy Wilson and Mr. Curtis Benzle


$25,000 – $49,999

Outright or cumulative gifts over 15 years

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. David Chenault
Mrs. Marge Feist
Joyce Griffin
Rajean and John Gully
Dan Halcomb
Joy Hall
Jane E. Hays
Mrs. William Heidish
Sarah W. and Tom Hereford
Christine Kirchberg Jones
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Jones III
Karen and Peter Kiss
Susan and Robert Kuehlthau
Mrs. William J. Lindberg
Mrs. W. Robert Mixon, Jr.
Dr. Robert Moorman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mruz, Mruz Family Foundation
Suzanne M. O’Connor
Mr. Elbert H. Parsons, Jr.
Jean and Jerre Penney
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Proctor
The Propst Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Prout
Pam and Ken Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Schaffer
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Scholl
Betty Schonrock *
Sasha and Charlie Sealy
Janet and David Skidmore
Elizabeth K. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith II
Mrs. Rosalie Smith
Mark Spencer
Mr. William H. Stender, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Stephenson
Mrs. Susan Todd
Nancy W. and Richard P. Van Valkenburgh
Dr. and Mrs. T. Benton Washburn, Jr.
Mr. Michael R. Whitley
Elizabeth M. Wise
Angie and Sam Yeager, DASA Foundation


$10,000 – $24,999

Outright or cumulative gifts over 10 years

Dr. Rob and Linda Casselman Akenhead
Mr. and Mrs. A. Craig Akridge
Courtney and John Allen
Mr. Michael Auffenorde
Laurel and John Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Belsky
Ruth and Michael Bentley
Hannah Elise Boon
Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Browning
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Bryant
The Doris Burwell Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. P. Michael Caruso
Mrs. Libby Adams Chambers
Dr. * and Mrs. C. S. Chang
Nancy and Skipper Colin
Mr. Robert J. Crook
Mr. Tom DeLay
Lisa and W. Brad English
Spike Field
Mr. and Mrs. Ivor Fredrickson
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Gessler, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Hartley
The Estate of Nancy Wayne Hendricks
Mary Shepard and E. Cutter Hughes
Mrs. David W. Humiston
Martha Sue * and Vernon Hutchens *
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Ingram V
Jerry Ann and Rein Ise
Patricia Ferrier Kiley
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. King
Dr. Sue Kirkpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Byrd Latham
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Lindberg
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mantooth
Rev. Peggy A. McClure
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mullins
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Newberry
The Estate of Ruth and Foster Oliver
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Patz
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Pols
Daphne and Ronnie Reed
Dr. Ken Rivenbark
Mrs. Andrea Rosler
Donna and Ed Rush
Sylvia and Arthur Sabia
Dr. Mark V. Sapp
Dr. and Mrs. William Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. John Shields II
Mrs. Eudare Shuey
Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Smith
Mrs. Mark C. Smith
Cynthia Stewart and Art Johnson
Dr. * and Mrs. William C. Stone
Dr. and Mrs. Wilhelm Tietke
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Titus
Mrs. Richard Tucker
Gregory Vajda
Kathleen Waite
Dr. and Mrs. Louis B. Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilmer
Dr. and Mrs. Peter S. K. Yu


$5,000 – $9,999

Outright or cumulative gifts over 5 years

Mrs. A. J. Albert
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Altenkirch
Margaret and Walter Batson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Berg
Mrs. William Billingsley
Sophia and Dudley Burwell
Mrs. James E. Chandler
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Chen
Kathleen and Philip * Dotts
Dr. Dick Fisher *
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Alan Gann
Mr. and Mrs. William Barnwell Heyward
Erika L. Huber
Mr. and Mrs. V. Fisher Hutchens
Col and Mrs. Robert J. Kuehn, Jr. (USAF Ret.)
Brian Mathews
Mrs. Bryant Myers
Mr. Rodney Myers
Jimmie Parvin
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Penfield
Margie and Tom Pfalzer
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Renfroe
Mr. and Mrs. Randall A. Schrimsher
Ms. Linda Spalla
Jean Wessel Templeton
Kathi and Norm Tew
Jenny and Paul Tidwell
Mrs. Virginia Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Newell Witherspoon
Wendy Yang and Rick Myers


$1,000 – $4,999

Gifts within the year

Patricia Blackman
Marlene Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Tres Childs
Frances and Wes Clayton
Dr. Richard Coleman
Edna and Jerold Deener
Naomi and Andy DuBois
Anne Farrell
Dr. Roddie and Michelle Gantt
Dianne and Jim Howell
Dr. Heather James and Mr. Mark Edward Smith
Ms. Susan Jester
Jennifer and Michael Lapidus
Mr. Steve Marz and Mr. Daniel Calens
Dr. and Mrs. James Ochoa
Drs. Rebecca and Lon Raby
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Rea
Ms. Cynthia Richardson
Gail and Sonny Rodenhauser
Drs. Ingrid Roig and Diego Bedoya
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Scheidker
Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Schreeder
Kitty and Jay Simmons
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Smelser
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Smith
Dr. Beverly Stickles and Dr. Joshua Krasnow
The Estate of Nancy E. Weston
Mary Ruth Yates
Ruth and Allen Yates

Interested in Sponsoring?

Contact Mary Shirley-Howell. 256-539-4818 or

The Encore Society

The Encore Society recognizes the following individuals who have made a planned gift to benefit the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra Foundation:

Mr. Jerry Barclay
Dr. and Mrs. Walter V. Bouldin
Dr. and Mrs. David Chenault
Lillian S. Clift Revocable Trust *
Ms. Dorcas S. Harris
Frances K. Huffman
Christine Kirchberg Jones
Mrs. Barbara Lapidus
Jennifer and Michael Lapidus
Dottie Little
Rev. Peggy McClure
Sara W. McDaris
Dr. Mabry Miller *
Drs. Jo Ann * and Robert S. Moorman
Dr. Everett C. Mosley *
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Nutt
Mr. * and Mrs. Lee A. Rhoads
Mr. and Mrs. James Richardson
James P. Ryan
Stephanie Sherman
Ina and Garrett Smith
Ms. Jodi Stephens
Richard C. Titus
Mrs. David W. Todd
Mr. * and Mrs. Robinson J. Ward, Jr.
Ms. Nancy Weston *

* deceased

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