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At HSO performances there is no standard dress code! You’ll see a variety of attire at HSO performances, from formal cocktail wear to T-shirts and jeans. You will find the majority of our audience goes for a “happy medium”. Think clothing appropriate for church or what some would call business casual, but we just want you to feel comfortable and welcome during your visit to the HSO! No matter the attire, we’re always happy to see you.

*In cooler weather, remember that most major HSO concerts in the Von Braun Center will have a coat check service in operation in the lobby.

Being fashionably late isn’t always a bad thing, but for HSO performances it can be very distracting. To avoid this we always suggest you arrive early for your visit to the HSO. The box office and the venue doors open approximately one hour before the advertised concert start time. You can always hang out in the lounge and grab a drink before the show! 

Most of our concerts take place in the Mark C. Smith Concert Hall at the Von Braun Center. Traffic can sometimes be a pain and parking can take a bit of time. But don’t worry, we are here for you! If you’re on our email list and have tickets to a show, you will generally receive a warning in advance about  traffic or parking issues. 

If you have specific questions about food or drink, feel free to ask our wonderful volunteer ushers or HSO staff. They will bae happy to help you out!

Classical Series

Bars and concessions are usually open for our Mark C. Smith Concert Hall performances, but concessions are not allowed past portal doors for Classical Series concerts. So make sure you arrive in time to grab food and drinks before taking your seat for the performance or during intermission.

Pops Series

Concessions are typically allowed in your seats for Pops Series concerts and for our FREE Family Concert. 

Outside food and drink are not allowed inside the concert hall.

Traditionally, in a piece of classical music that consists of multiple movements, the audience holds its applause until the end of the final movement. This is to allow the entire work to be heard all together, preserving the magic of silence between the movements. Which, can be considered part of the composition itself. You can find information about the format and length of pieces in your HSO program, on each concert’s info page, or in the event email you’ll receive a few days before your show!

Tip: if you’re uncertain of when to clap, do as the orchestra does and simply watch the maestro, but your show of appreciation is always welcome during your visit to the HSO!

It’s all about respecting the integrity of the performance while maximizing your enjoyment and that of fellow audience members. Photography and video recording are not allowed. Texting or talking during the performance should be avoided, as this is distracting to others, including the musicians. Please try to refrain from shuffling papers, crinkling wrappers, or coughing in quiet or silent moments. Remember that most HSO performances are professionally audio-recorded for our archives. We also ask that you consider limiting or avoiding the use of colognes or perfumes, as nearby audience members may have serious allergies to such products.

The best time to exit the concert hall is during intermission or between pieces of music. We discourage moving around the hall during concerts. It can be very distracting to fellow audience members and the performers. If you must get up during a performance, please find the nearest exit and try to be as quiet as you can. If you have an emergency, let one of our ushers know and they will help you as best as possible.

Program length varies. Classical and Pops performances tend to last approximately two hours, though some may be a little longer or shorter. In most cases, there will be an intermission of fifteen to twenty minutes in the middle of the program. Casual Classics concerts and the FREE Family concert are typically closer to one hour in duration.

Parking for your visit to the HSO

Because most of our concerts are held in a busy area, parking is something you should be conscious of before your visit to the HSO. We always do our best to give our audience members a heads-up if we are anticipating any traffic or parking issues for upcoming performances. Reference the parking map of the Von Braun Center to help you plan ahead for your upcoming visit. Call the HSO office if you have any additional questions about parking.

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Place to Stay

We have partnered with Sonesta Simply Suites as our musicians preferred place to stay. They are located just 5 miles away from Mark C. Smith Concert Hall. For more information on their hotel, click on their logo.

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