Mozart and Mendelssohn FebruaryFeb 10 2024 07:30pm700 Monroe St SW, Huntsville
Classical Series
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The “Italian” Symphony No. 4 of Felix Mendelssohn is among the most celebrated of his compositions, catalyzed by his enchantment with the peninsula during a European tour. The HSO also performs his overture Die schöne Melusine, based on the legend of a forlorn mermaid. Soloist Gábor Varga joins the orchestra for Mozart’s timeless Clarinet Concerto, a lyrical masterpiece and one of the great composer’s final completed works.


Mendelssohn Die schöne Melusine Overture
Mozart Clarinet Concerto (Gábor Varga, clarinet)
Mendelssohn Symphony No. 4, “Italian”




This concert is part of our Classical Series


The HSO Classical Series celebrates timeless classics while exploring fresh new music by emerging composers of our time. Our Classical Series brings generations together through a variety of performances. New to classical? You’d be surprised what pieces you know!