Amanda Miranda’s Amazing Birthday

Young People’s Concerts, 1987

Music by H. Garrett Phillips

Story and narration by Sara McDaris

I was at a storytelling festival in Jonesboro Tennessee, in conversation with several other storytellers. I turned to Jay O’Callahan, who writes his own stories, and said, “Jay, please write a story for children that could be put to music. I want a change from Peter and the Wolf.” He looked me straight in the eye and replied, “You write it.”

Amanda Miranda is the result. I have never considered myself a writer, and I was delighted with the finished composition.

The Huntsville Symphony Board of Trustees commissioned the music from Tuscaloosa composer H. Garrett Phillips, and Amanda Miranda was first performed in 1987 for the HSO Young People’s Concerts. I was delighted to narrate the concert. I remember seeing trumpeter David Spencer laughing at me just before the performance, because I was jumping up and down in my excitement and anticipation.

Sometimes, grand things happen to people. It did to me.

Sara McDaris