Fees and Tuition

Fees and tuition are due and payable at registration or before the first day of instruction. The Symphony School is dedicated to providing instruction to every student who is interested in learning. Financial aid information is available from the office.

Registration for private and semi-private instruction is for a 15-week semester. Tuition is due on or before the first day of instruction. Payment may be made in installments. Accounts must be paid in full before registering for additional instruction. Payments may be made by cash, check or major credit card. If you need other payment information, please contact the Director of Education at 256-539-4818 or email sharon@hso.org.

For special circumstances, or financial aid information, please contact the Director of Education (256) 539-4818 or sharon@hso.org.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility

For the safety of minors as well as adults, parents should remain in the room while the lesson, whether private or semi-private, is taking place.  

Preparing for the lessons

Your child’s lesson time has been set at a specific time. Please make sure your child arrives a few minutes early so that he/she may have time to get unpacked and ready for the lesson.

Please make sure your child is prepared when he/she arrives. This means having their music book, pencil, instrument, and a smile!


We love teaching your child and we love it even more when we can spend the time instructing and learning.  If a discipline issue arises, we will deal with it during the lesson time. However, we would also hope to work with you, the parent, on how best to handle your child if a situation occurs.

Attendance and Make-Up Policies

The Attendance Policy Tuition covers 15 weeks of instruction (weekly lessons). Your instructor has reserved a regular time for your instruction. If an emergency causes the regular instructor to miss a class or lesson without providing a substitute instructor the lesson will be made up. Because of the number of students an instructor has, along with a very specific schedule, lessons missed (for group lessons) because of sickness will not be made up.  

If schools close for weather or any other reason, all lessons for that day will be canceled, as well.  Lessons canceled for weather will be made up according to the instructor’s schedule.

Withdrawals and Refunds

100% of tuition (less 10%) will be refunded if withdrawal is received before the first day of class:
January 21, 2022 for Spring term

75% of the tuition (less 10%) will be refunded if withdrawal is received by:
February 21, 2022 for Spring term

NO REFUND for withdrawals after
February 22, 2022 for Spring term