Registration for the 2022 Fall Semester is now Open!

Semi-private instruction efficiently introduces children to the wonderful world of string instruments at an affordable cost, while emphasizing teamwork. Class size is limited to seven students. This program is based on a modified Suzuki method. Class locations (throughout North Alabama) and times are located on the reverse. All classes meet once a week, and are offered based on sufficient enrollment and available space.

Please note: For the safety of minors as well as adults, parents should remain in the room while the lesson, whether private or semi-private, is taking place.

Students Receive 15 Classes
**Please call or email for tuition**

Location: St. John’s Episcopal

Class LevelDayTime
Fun w/Violins (Level I)Thursday3:15-4:00 pm
Adagio Class (Level II)Thursday4:00-4:45pm

Location: Hartselle Civic Center

Class LevelDayTime
Fun w/Violins (Level I)Tuesday3:15-4:00pm
Adagio Class (Level II)Tuesday4:00-4:45pm

Location: Central Presbyterian

Class LevelDayTime
Fun w/Violins (Level I)Monday3:15-4:00pm
Adagio Class (Level II)Monday4:00-4:45pm
Allegro Class (Level III)Monday4:45-5:15pm

Location: Messiah Lutheran

Class LevelDayTime
Fun w/Violins (Level I)Tuesday3:15-4:00pm
Adagio Class (Level II)Tuesday4:00-4:45pm
Allegro Class (Level III)Tuesday4:45-5:15pm



HuntsvilleMonday4:45-6:00pmCentral PresbyterianSusan Sadler
HuntsvilleFriday3:00-6:00pmHallman’s MusicSusan Sadler
MadisonThursday2:00-6:00pmMessiah LutheranWendy Corron


HuntsvilleVarious Days and TimePrivate StudioArian Arcu

All locations, times, and dates are based upon sufficient enrollment and space availability.

Don’t see what you need? Classes and times are sometimes able to change based upon enrollment, so please reach out to us! Contact Sharon Hicks, Director of Education, at 256.539.4818 or