Private violin, viola, and cello lessons are now offered through the Symphony School. Please contact 256-539-4818 for more information!

Fun with Violins (Level I)
Students are introduced to basic violin technique, forming proper violin and bow holds, separate bowing and rhythms.

Adagio (Level II)
Student must have completed Fun with Violins class, HSO’s Third Grade Violin Program, or Violin Summer Camp. A continuation of the third grade program with focus on beginning tone production, consecutive fingering and separate bowing. Introduction to note reading.

Allegro (Level III)
Student must have completed the Adagio Class. Introduces more bowing techniques, beginning note reading, scales and note values. 

Presto (Level IV)
Student must have completed the Allegro Class. Introduces new key signatures, times signatures, dotted rhythms and dynamics. Intermediate note reading and introduction to music theory.

Vivace (Level V)
Student must have completed the Presto Class. Introduces hooked and staccato bowings, high/low 2nd and 3rd fingers, bowing double notes with wrist action, and string crossing slurs. Advanced note reading and intermediate music theory.

Adult Strings Classes
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After School Classes and Private Lessons
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