We at the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra know that our musical influence matters far outside of the walls of our concert hall. Musical education is important for all ages and skill-level of musicians. Music is a great way to bring a community closer while encouraging personal growth as well. With our classes and events, we want to ensure the musical scene is growing alongside our city!

Italian Trulli
Symphony School
Through the Symphony School, the HSO offers professional instruction in the playing of string instruments. As a non-profit organization, the Symphony School is dedicated to providing music instruction to every child who is interested in learning and to removing any obstacles to participation. The Symphony School also encourages the continuation of practice with learning opportunities for adults.

Italian Trulli
The HSO in the Community
Through our outreach programs and educational activities, we hope to touch lives not just on concert nights, but continuously throughout the year. Our Music Explorer’s Club offers free events where children and their families can learn more about music and instruments. It is through these programs that the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra stays involved in the community.

Video by Kudzu Productions.