Supper Serenade

Supper Serenade

Sunday, April 30, 2023
5:30 P.M.

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The Electric Belle at Stovehouse
Casual Classics

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Many great artists have had to sing for their supper, so to speak. Especially during the Classical Period, composers such as Mozart often provided soundtracks for the dinnertime diversion of courtly households. His Serenade in C minor, written for wind instruments, is one such work; tonight, it is presented alongside a delectable quartet for flute and string instruments. Finishing the program is a most unusual symphony – a playful miniature which includes an assortment of nursery noisemakers in its instrumentation. This “Toy” Symphony is most often attributed to the pen of Mozart’s father, Leopold, though the definite identity of its author remains a mystery.

Dining in the Electric Belle at Huntsville’s Stovehouse, you’ll enjoy a Mozartean menu handcrafted by our friends at Little Dipper Bakery and Café. Fine music, a marvelous meal, good company, and a splash of wine are sure to make for a special evening, and we are delighted to welcome you as our honored guests for the occasion.


Supper Serenade Menu:

Salad of red cabbage with poppyseed dressing
Pork roulade with Speckbohnen and German-style mashed potatoes
Pumpernickel bread
Black Forest gâteau