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| Ravel and Debussy |

| Classical Two |

Friday, November 3, 2017
7:30 p.m., VBC Concert Hall

Friends or foes?

Who copied whom?

Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy, two of the most important and influential French composers of the early 20th century, have very interesting backgrounds…. that often intertwine.

The two shared similar backgrounds and influences as both resided in Paris during roughly the same time. The Paris art world of their day was addicted to scandal and controversy, and none was more enticing that rivalry between the young Ravel and the older, more established Debussy.

Ravel and Debussy were mostly on cordial terms, and shared mutual friends; however, they were often quite critical of each other’s works, for better or worse.

In 1895, Ravel composed a Habanera for two pianos. This Cuban-inspired dance made an impression on Debussy, who was present at an early performance. Debussy’s Evening in Granada, composed in 1903, borrows heavily and unmistakably from it. Ravel made his Habanera the centerpiece of Rapsodie espagnole for orchestra.

A few years later, Ravel commented on Debussy’s most recent composition: “If I had the time, I would reorchestrate La mer.”

Despite often being categorized as ‘Impressionists’, both composters wrote music with very distinctive characteristics.

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Written by Lauren Jones, HSO Marketing & Development Associate, with information provided by Curtis Lindsay, HSO General Manager


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