Music Director and Conductor
Gregory Vajda
   Sponsored by Claudia G. Conn

Resident Conductor
Joseph Lee
   Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. John D. Johnson, Jr.

Violin I
(Concertmaster Vacant)
   Sponsored by Shirley and George McCrary
(Associate Concertmaster Vacant)
   Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Macon Phillips, Jr.
Nicholas Naegele
   Sponsored by Ginnie and Chuck Browning
Jennifer Whittle
Rachael McFarlane
Julianne Odahowski Steele
Lisa Wiggins
Anna Gibbons
Sylvia Suarez
Holly Odell
Chuck Gunsaullus

Violin II
Aromi Park, Principal
   Sponsored by Rajean and John Gully
Rose Crelli
   Sponsored by Clare and Michael Grisham
Christina Volz-Stomackin
Priscilla Tsai
Jacob Frank
Christie Weber
Viljar Weimann
Laura Elrod
Matthew Oshida

Charles Hogue, Principal
   Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Walter V. Bouldin
Joseph Lester
   Sponsored by Rev. Peggy McClure
Timothy LaCrosse
Lucy Dulguerov
Olivia Palazzolo
Metiney Suwanawongse

Jesse Christeson, Principal
   Sponsored by Patrick Robbins and J. Chris Wesley
Ariana Arcu
   Sponsored by Dr. Alice Chenault and Dr. Milton Harris
Kaitlyn Vest
Mark Wallace
Marilyn Liu *
Juneho Kim
Paul Vest
James Philip Kettler

Jonathan McWilliams, Principal
   Sponsored by Jan Smith
Nick Wooldridge
Jordan Wright
Jessie Dobson
Mark Huff

Evelyn Loehrlein, Principal
   Sponsored by Drs. Mary Ellen and Martin C. Weisskopf
Karen Bentel
Charlotte Roth

Charlotte Roth

Carey Shinbaum, Principal
   Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. George Smith II
Teresa Spilko
Diana Dunn

English Horn
Diana Dunn

Robert West, Principal
   Sponsored by Karen and Peter Kiss
Osiris Molina
   Sponsored by Laurel and John Bailey
Greg Lawson

Bass Clarinet
Greg Lawson

Taylor Smith, Principal
   Sponsored by Dawn and David Chenault
Maya Stone
Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee

Gordon James, Principal
   Sponsored by LTG (Ret.) and Mrs. James Link
Angela DeBoer
Jennifer Kummer
Cynthia Chambless

Christopher Coletti, Principal
   Sponsored by Ms. Frances K. Huffman
Michael Arndt
   Sponsored by Maggie and Buddy Little
David Spencer

Prentiss Hobbs, Principal
   Sponsored by Nancy and Jim Richardson
Jonathan Houghtling

Bass Trombone
Christopher Brown

David Byrd, Principal
   Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. William Shergy

(Principal Vacant)
   Sponsored by Katie Waite

Sean Ritenauer, Principal
   Sponsored by Sylvia Ferry
Scott Crawford
  Sponsored by Janet and David Skidmore
Terry Cornett

Anna Dunlap, Principal
   Sponsored by The Olin B. King Foundation

Curtis Lindsay
   Sponsored by Marge Feist

Musicians Emeriti

Ruth Boden
Sophia Burwell
Joe Cochran
Jeffrey Dortch
Tom Gale
Mark Gessner
Joyce Green
Rosemarie Juergensen
Desiree Juricic †
Mary Kettering
Carlton McCreery
Tom Mitchell †
Katherine Newman
Dorrie Nutt
Gretchen Perry
Mark Reneau
Marilyn Rue
Hunter Thomas †
Morgan Williams †

Past Music Directors
Arthur Fraser (1955 to 1959) †
Russell Gerhart (1959 to 1971) †
Marx Pales (1971 to 1988) †
Taavo Virkhaus (1989 to 2003) †
Carlos Miguel Prieto (2003 to 2011)

* Currently on leave of absence
† deceased

The Huntsville Symphony Orchestra members are hard-working musicians, with many playing in several orchestras. This roster may not always be the exact personnel on stage for a particular concert. Should you desire a personnel roster for any concert, please email the Orchestra Personnel Manager, Joe Lester, at